Seems I am not fully human! (Humorous fun and true)

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I had terrible allergies from very early childhood, incapacitating really. Got the shots which helped some but took antihistamines pretty much daily; I remember swallowing pills on my own I think in preschool maybe even before (doled out by my parents of course). Must be more towards the 6% end.
Major diet change from “standard American health food” including a goodly ration of “healthy” chips, cookies, etc to Fuhrman/McDougall hybrid and after about 3 years of that my allergies just sort of faded and vanished. And indeed, now eat a lot closer to “true paleo i.e. only real food, mostly plants…(thank you Michael Pollen), eliminating most of the allergenic newer foods i.e. all the manufactured food like substances.
I’ll certainly take that perk!
~Geoffrey Levens, L.Ac., Health Coach
Here’s my college graduation photo to give you more or an idea…
The more Neanderthal genes (1 to 6%) you have, the better your immune system.  But the more susceptible you are to allergies (overreacting immune system).

Did prehistoric interbreeding strengthen human immune system?

“Interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals in Europe may have enhanced modern humans’ ability to ward off infection, but it may also have increased susceptibility to allergies, say two reports published in the American Journal of Human Genetics…[continues at link above]

About Geoffrey Levens, L.Ac.

It is my passion to help others find health on all levels. As a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, and on staff as a supplement/health consultant in retail environments, I gained much knowledge about physical health. As an individual who has had to deal with my own health problems, as well as those of my wife, I have gained compassion for the difficulty one may have in finding the right kind of information and help navigating those problems. From a dedicated 40 year meditation practice I have gained wisdom and patience in helping others on their path to full wellness.
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2 Responses to Seems I am not fully human! (Humorous fun and true)

  1. Carolyn Ringo says:

    lol on the photo! I think I am a Neanderthal too.

    PS I deeply appreciate your knowledge and guidance – always – on food as medicine (and poison), supplements/herbs, and even how to use my body in certain exercises. And if I need more info about a certain illness (or most anything for that matter) you will be honest about what you know and what you don’t know, and then research it and get back to me. What a guy! <3

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