Removing the dirt from your window could be very tiring sometimes as you are afraid the you will break it or you would damage it accidentally. For some, cleaning the windows could be the easiest household chore that they could do without thinking twice. They just need a piece of cloth or tissue and then wipe it to the window’s glass and then that is all. But this is not the correct way of cleaning it carefully and to remove the stain and dust completely. You need to think of the weather as well as you don’t to waste your time and effort cleaning the glass while it is raining outside. If you are still uncertain of it then you could hire someone to clean it for you as you don’t have time to do it or you are very lazy to make this thing. You could contact the cleaning services isle of wight for some more information and details. You can check some of the few guides below.

  1. It is very obvious that outside surface of the window is the one which is always exposed to sunlight, dirt, dust and even smoke coming from cars and vehicles. You may prepare a pail of water with a little soap added. In this way, it would help to remove some of the stains sticking in it. After sponging the glass, make sure that you would rinse it off to remove all the soapy particles. For those harden stains, you may use alcohol or vinegar and gently scrub it to the window’s glass. Then, wipe it with a clean towel or cloth.
  2. If there are stickers sticking to your glass window or even to a glass door, then removing it could be very hard if you don’t know the simple hack of getting them away. Just pour or spray a small amount of water to the part where the sticker is put. Wait for a couple of minutes until it is settled and absorbed. You may use a scraper to get rid the part of the sticker. Remember not to put too much force in it as it may break the glass. You may use a warm water sprayed in it and then scrub with a towel.
  3. For the inside part of the window. You need to assure that everything is cleaned not only the glass but as well the edges and the frame of it. You may use your vacuum to get the dust and dirt there.
  4. Don’t clean your windows (especially the glass one) during the sunny day or when the temperature is very high. It will easily dry the water and it will leave water marks to the screen.
  5. Don’t use newspaper or any paper to wipe the glass to make it dry. It will leave the printed ink in the newspaper to the window’s glass. Try to use the soft kind of cloth and even a silk one would be a better option due to changeover cleaning isle of wight .